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The Strengthening of Platform and Block Station No.4 in the Soldado Main Field

Platform #4 is the largest platform in Trinmar, Petrotrin fields. It comprises of a workman facility, compressor station, production/gathering station and a producing platform.

In 2005, the entire platform was rebuilt with a new design in module sections. This work included structural change-out, enlarging the platform deck, piling works and upgrade of the entire facility. It was ensured that there was minimal disturbance of the platform operations, to keep it in service at all times.

A total of Thirty- three (33) Piles to refusal (Vertical & Rake) of 36" × 1-1/4" wall thickness was driven to support the newly rebuilt platform. Four (4) Dolphin Piles ⌀ ×  were driven and installed on platform to accommodate . Twelve (12) Piles of 36" ⌀ × 1-1/4" wall thickness were driven to install newly built launch landings 80' & 40' long respectively.

Water blasting at 40, 000 psi was executed on said platform for repainting of all welded areas offshore and grit blasting was performed on all onshore constructed structures to marine specifications. 

Cable trays were installed for lighting; compatible for solar systems and all other lighting on said platform. Our Inhouse Inspection Department ensures 100% quality assurance on all our projects to our clients.

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