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Replacement of Approximately 16,000 ft of 10" Pipeline, Moruga

In 2016, clearing and grubbing was done at the initial phase. Ten inch (10")  Diameter Pipes were shop wrapped and asphalt coated then spotted on site and welded. Welding is done by approved welders via welding procedure and specifications.  Holiday detection of spotted pipe was done for quality assurance procedures. Radiography of welded joints was done by Client. 

After piping along the route was completed, hydrotesting of the new line was conducted and once accepted by Client, dewatering and pigging was performed. For the tie-ins, at Maingot Trace where the existing line is flanged (this is the lower tie-in point), hot tapping was done. During the entire process, any effluent/water from the existing lines was collected and disposed of appropriately. The new line was then connected to the existing line via the flange connection and the crude pipeline was put into service.

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